Event Policies & Procedures

Safety and Security

  • Texas DI desires for you to have the best sense of safety and security possible at Lone Star Finals. 

  • An on-site nurse will be provided on Saturday for minor medical support. 

    • The nurse is available at the University Center information kiosk. ​

  • For all needs involving life-safety, please dial 9-1-1 immediately. 

  • Always wear and display your event credentials conspicuously, especially when entering event venues, as event officials will assist in supervising site entrances to help monitor admittance to those with individuals with credentials. 

  • Only ticketed individuals are allowed into the College Park Arena for Closing Ceremonies. Please see the Closing Ceremonies page for more details.

Venue Policies and Procedures


    • Every event attendee MUST wear their event credentials at all times, and will be monitored when entering event venues. 

      • Team members are allowed to remove their credentials during competition performances and Instant Challenge, but must wear them in all other times. It is suggested that Team Managers of record collect the credentials when team members are competing, and re-distribute them immediately thereafter, to avoid any inconvenience when entering and exiting event sites. 

    • Event credentials permit access to all portions of Lone Star Finals, except Closing Ceremonies. Closing Ceremonies is a reserved-seating, ticketed event, and all attendees must hold a ticket for admittance. As mentioned above, please see the Closing Ceremonies page for more details. 

    • If event credentials are lost, they may be replaced at the Information Kiosk in the University Center. 


    • Dry ice may used with caution and care at the event venues. 

    • Helium may be used, as long as the quantity is consistent with small amounts available for purchase at standard retailers (e.g., a small tank used for filling party balloons).

    • Helium in large amounts (e.g., amounts associated with industrial use) is not permitted by the venue. 

    • All policies and procedures regarding helium and dry ice in the Rules of the Road are in full effect at Lone Star Finals. 

    • Teams are reminded that dry ice and helium policies may be significantly different at their regional tournaments and Global Finals. 


    • Homemade, obviously harmless/benign weapons and weapon-facsimilies are permitted by the venue.

    • Teams are reminded that this policy may be significantly different at their regional tournaments and Global Finals. 

    • The Rules of the Road apply, as published.  


    • Unless explicitly stated by the DI Challenge, a publicly issued clarification, or an official team clarification, lighting at challenge competition sites may not be altered in any way. 

    • With the exception of the instances enumerated above, the standard lighting at the venue may not be turned off or altered.

    • The Rules of the Road apply, as published.  

Venue Advice & Suggestions

  • Teams may be accustomed to competing at K-12 school-style venues, which present a variety of different access points. 

  • Since Lone Star Finals is hosted by the University of Texas Arlington, the venue experience will be different from a standard school and/or classroom.

  • Teams should plan for this venue-difference from a variety of perspectives, as consistent with the Rules of the Road. Advice and suggestions include: 

    • Always be prepared for props to fit through a standard door, as is stated in the Rules of the Road. ​

    • Teams should be prepared for competition sites in venues where their performances are on second stories of buildings (and above), where access may necessitate stairs and elevators. 

      • Props and other items should be given consideration and planning with these expectations in mind (as consistent with the Rules of the Road). 

    • Hallways are considerably more narrow in university venues, like UTA, rather than in standard K - 12 venues. While crowding should be greatly mitigated by the decentralization of challenges across the university campus, venue uniquities should be considered and planned for by teams as consistent with the Rules of the Road. 

      • Teams should expect and prepare for reasonable, yet potentially significant distances between locations where props can be loaded and unloaded, and the competition sites.

      • Depending on competition sites, teams may be required to move props and competition items from parking lots, across a variety of pathways (gravel, grass, paved walkways, etc.), up a variety of stair styles (standard stairs and switch-back stairs) elevators, and more.

      • Lone Star Finals has ensured all participant experiences are consistent with the Rules of the Road

Pin Trading Policies & Procedures 

  • Pin trading must only happen in approved areas throughout the tournament. 

  • Pin trading is prohibited in all hallways and spaces that block entrances and exits. 

  • Pin Trading on Friday night: 

    • Pin trading is restricted to the Maverick Activities Center (MAC) on Friday night. 

    • Only participants in the Elementary Level are allowed to pin trade in the front gym of the MAC on Friday night. 

    • All participants may pin trade in the second gym section. Signage will indicate approved areas.  

    • Pin trading is prohibited outside of these approved gyms. 

  • Pin Trading on Saturday:

    • Pin trading is prohibited at all competition sites. ​

    • Pin trading is approved at the University Center and the outdoor, grassy University Center Mall. 

    • Pin trading may not occur on floors or in front of entrances and exits.

Restricted Hotels/Lodging  

  • All teams are prohibited from staying at the hotel reserved for Lone Star Finals Appraisers and Officials.

  • The hotel reserved exclusively for Lone Star Finals Tournament Officials and Appraisers is: 

    • The Doubletree by Hilton 

    • 1507 N Watson Rd., 

    • Arlington, TX 76006 

  • If teams stay at the hotel above in violation of the policy, they will be allowed to present at Lone Star Finals; however, they will not be scored, eligible for awards, or eligible for advancement.