To Our Texas Destination Imagination Community,

We know you have been concerned about the Coronavirus and its impact on Lone Star Finals.


The Texas Executive Board has discussed the impact of COVID-19, and we have been in constant contact with the University of Texas at Arlington. While hopes remained in place for a modified tournament experience, current circumstances have shown this is not possible.


It is with a heavy heart we must announce Lone Star Finals 2020 has officially been cancelled.


The University of Texas at Arlington and the Texas Destination Imagination Executive board agree with this decision. 

This is not the outcome we hoped for, but the health and safety of our DI community comes first.  Our hearts break for the decision we have had to make. No one wanted this. We genuinely hope to see each and every team back for the next season, so we can celebrate their excellence in creative problem solving. 


To all of our seniors who participate in Destination Imagination: Please register with the International Alumni DI Association and continue your participation in DI. We are an organization built on legacy, and we ask you to help us continue this strong tradition. 

As you may be aware by now, there are declarations of emergency at the federal, state, and local levels. If you have made hotel reservations, you should be able to cancel your reservations without penalty. We will be working on refunds from Texas DI as soon as we are able to return to the office.

Again, this is never a message we wanted to share, but we remain hopeful that our community will return next season stronger, closer...and more creative than ever. 


Wishing you safety and health at this time,  


Sue Shanks | Texas DI Affiliate Director 

The Texas Executive Board of Directors